What is Stewardship?

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Stewardship is the word we use to describe the way followers of Jesus Christ choose to live in this world. It is a way of life rooted in four basic actions:

  • Receiving God’s gifts gratefully
  • Nurturing God’s gifts responsibly
  • Sharing God’s gifts in justice and love
  • Returning God’s gifts with an increase

Each fall, every parish family is asked to prayerfully consider how they will live as faithful stewards in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and at Sacred Heart. This involves assessing their weekly schedules, personal talents and skills and financial capacity to practice gratitude and generosity in all that God has given them. Stewardship is a spiritual discipline that leads to great joy and satisfaction, knowing that we can use our whole lives to serve the reign of God on earth. Please review the documents below for information regarding Stewardship.

And for a collection of personal perspectives on Stewardship, please review these Stewardship Witness Talks.