Grief Ministry

Mission Statement

We, the Grief Ministry Team are committed to providing spiritual support and comfort by journeying with the parish community through the grieving process.  We extend the compassionate love of Jesus through our continued care and listening presence.

The Grief Ministry welcomes you to join them in their ministry as they pray for and walk with those who have lost a loved one.  The Grief Ministry Team expresses their ministry in a variety of ways:

  • They personally contact Sacred Heart parishioners who have lost a loved one to offer support in whatever way may be helpful or appropriate to the one who is grieving.
  • In November, all parishioners are invited to participate in a Mass of Remembrance At this liturgy the names of all those who have died in the parish and the friends and relatives of parishioners will be included in the Litany of Remembrance.

Bereavement Support groups are eight week sessions that are available throughout the year.  After the loss of a loved one we experience a wide range of emotions. We have highs and lows, feelings of loss and abandonment, anger at anyone or anything, numbness, hopelessness, loss of concentration, a general feeling of confusion. We wonder, is it ever going to stop? At the support group you will be given skills to cope with these emotions, opportunities to learn from others and the time to share your story.

Contact the Parish Office for additional information: 425-454-9536.