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Do not neglect to show hospitality, for by that means some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

Before Mass
Greeters should check in on the list in the Liturgical Ministers Room at least 15 minutes before Mass, then greeters should pick up name tags and go to the Narthex to greet parishioners and visitors.

Greeters should stand in the Narthex so they can greet those coming in from both doors. If there are more greeters, each greeter should take a door. One greeter takes the door from the upper parking lot. Pay special attention to visitors and new parishioners. If visitors come from a hotel, help them find a ride back.

There is a phone in the Liturgical Ministers Room and a phone in the main sacristy; these phones can be used for emergencies; dial “8” then dial “911” and tell them the address of the church is 9460 NE 14th Street. Greeters can direct inquirers to the bathrooms, nursery and water fountain and show them where Book of Prayer Intentions and other parish information is kept.

After Mass
Greeters hand out the bulletins at the Church doors. They may ask others to help. The bulletins will be at the side tables in the Narthex and the door to the upper parking lot. Greeters should then return their name tags to the Liturgical Ministers Room.

Please remember that you are responsible for finding someone to take your place if you are unable to come to the Mass to which you have been assigned.

Revised 11/2/2013