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Basics of Christianity in the Catholic Church – Suggested Resources

  1. Who Can Be Saved Bishop Bob Barron
  2. How to Read the Bible Bishop Bob Barron
  3. Why Do Catholics Have a Different Bible Fr. Casey Cole, O.F.M.
  4. Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church Fr. Raphael Salzillo, O.P.
  5. The Sacrament of the Eucharist as Meal Rev. Bob Barron
  6. Most Common Problems I see in Confession Fr. Casey Cole, O.F.M.
  7. On Prayer Bishop Bob Barron
  8. Why Do We Pray Fr. Casey Cole, O.F.M.
  9. Why Pray to Saints Bishop Bob Barron
  10. Protestantism and Authority Bishop Bob Barron
  11. Conscience and Morality Bishop Bob Barron
  12. What if I Disagree with Church Teaching? Fr. Casey Cole, O.F.M.
  13. On the Mass Bishop Bob Barron
  14. History of the Eucharist Fr. Casey Cole, O.F.M.
  15. Step by Step Guide to the Catholic Mass Fr. Scott Bailey

Lenten Series 2022

  1. The Creed Sacred Heart Church