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Volunteers Requested

We are asking our parish family to prayerfully reflect on how we are called to continue to sustain our parish and the ministries that support the mission of Jesus Christ. Living a stewardship lifestyle, being grateful and generous with our gifts of time and talent serves a twofold purpose: One, it helps build God’s kingdom here on earth. Two, it helps us strengthen each other’s relationship with Christ. We ask that all our parishioners partake of that joy and volunteer to assist in various roles as we celebrate Mass as a community at our church home. If you are experienced in one of more of these ministries, or would like to be trained please contact volunteer@sacredheart.org and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Please visit our Stewardship of Talent form to review the many ministries to become involved at Sacred Heart Parish.

We need help with:

  • Audio/Visual Ministry
  • Role: Running sound for the readers and musicians, running sound and video for the recording of Masses.
    • 1 volunteer per Saturday Mass – Recording Video & Sound
    • 1 volunteer at each Sunday Mass – Sound
    • 1 volunteer each Friday weekday Mass – Recording Video & Sound
    • (open to all High School Age and Up)
  • Church Environment Ministry
  • Role: Caring for flowers in the sanctuary and preparing for seasonal celebrations
    • 1 –  Lead Ministers willing to create a plan for each season
    • 1 – 2  volunteers per week (up to 8 volunteers/ month) for flowers/plant care
    • 5 – 10 volunteers for seasonal changes
    • (open to all)
  • Usher Ministry
  • Role: Welcoming parishioners to Mass, helping individuals find seats in the church. Helping with taking up the collection during Mass. Passing out bulletins after Mass and assist in the securing of the collection after Mass.
    • 3 volunteers per Weekend Mass
    • (open to all High School Age and Up)
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Role: Assisting with wine, cheese and crackers following the Saturday, 5:00 pm Vigil Mass, or assisting with donuts and coffee following the Sunday, 9 am and 11 am Masses.
    • 3 volunteers per Weekend Masses at 9 am and 11 am
    • 1 volunteer at 8:15 am Sunday to pick-up donuts at local store for morning Masses
  • Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist
  • Role: Assisting with the distribution of Communion at Mass.
    • 3 volunteers per Weekend Mass
    • 1 volunteer per Weekday Mass
    • (open to all Confirmed Catholics High School Age and Up)
  • Lector/Reader Ministry
  • Role: Proclaiming the Word of God, giving the Welcome Announcement before Mass, Carrying of the Book of the Gospels in the Entrance Procession and assisting with the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.
    • 2 volunteer per Mass
    • (open to all Confirmed Catholics)
  • Music Ministry
  • Role: Providing music for the Mass to help the assembly pray and prepare their hearts to experience Jesus in the sacrifice of the Mass
    • Instrumentalists – piano, guitar, organ, etc. are welcomed
    • (open to all)
    • Contact Susan Olmos at solmos@sacredheart.org
  • Sacristan Ministry
  • Role: Preparing the sacred vessels and books prior to Mass, monitoring during the Mass to what may be needed during the celebration
    • 1 volunteer per Mass
    • (open to all Confirmed Catholic Adults)
  • Altar Servers
  • Role: Carrying the Processional Cross, assisting with holding Liturgical Books for priest, preparing the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, assisting with offertory gifts, assisting with holy water and incense.
    • 3 volunteers per Mass
    • (open to all students, 4th grade and above, and up who have received 1st Communion)
  • Adoration Sponsors
  • Role: Dedicating 1/2 hour each Thursday – 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm and every 1st Friday 9:30 am – 11:00 am
    • 2 volunteers per 1/2 hour time slot
    • (open to all-families encouraged)

Other Ministries at Sacred Heart

Thank you for your generosity of time and talent.