2013 Discernment Process Letter




This year, our parish will use the Discernment Process to select new members for our parish consultative bodies: the Pastoral and Finance Councils and the School and Liturgy Commissions.  Members of our councils and commissions are chosen through a process of community discernment.   Each year, approximately one-third of the members’ terms expire, and new members are added. These groups provide leadership for the parish by fostering communication, recommending priorities, doing strategic planning, and helping to implement future planning for our parish. Those chosen to serve on a council or commission will begin their service on July 1, 2013.


 The Pastoral Council has adopted the recommendations made by Many Gifts, One Spirit: Guidelines for Church Governance through Consultative Leadership (promulgated by Archbishop Brunett) for the Archdiocese of Seattle as criteria for membership on our consultative bodies.

 Anyone nominated for membership on any consultative body should be:

  •  A baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic in good standing with the Church;
  •  A registered and supporting member of the parish (faithfully fulfilling a current stewardship pledge) committed to stewardship and an active participant in parish life;
  •  Regularly worshipping at Sacred Heart;
  •  Committed to the Church in accord with the principles of Vatican II;
  •  Committed to prayer, study, listening and dialogue;
  •  Committed to giving the time needed for participation, including attending scheduled meetings;
  •  Not currently employed by the parish or parish school, or an immediate relative of, or living in the same household as, a current parish or school employee; and
  •  Not simultaneously a member of another council or commission.

Every parishioner is asked to prayerfully consider who might serve on our parish councils and commissions. Parishioners may nominate themselves or another parishioner.

You may want to talk to a member of the council or commission that you are discerning about before you nominate yourself or someone else. If you or someone you know has a talent, gift or interest in any of these areas of service, please consider nominating them to serve our parish.  For more information about the various councils and commissions, a description of the nomination process and a nomination form, click here.


Grateful acknowledgement to Many Gifts, One Spirit: Guidelines for Church Governance through Consultative Leadership and to Ron Ryan, Pastoral Coordinator at St. Anne Parish in Seattle, for helping our parish in developing this discernment process.