“I have come to set the earth on fire,
and how I wish it were already blazing.” 

– Luke 12:49


The Sacred Heart Youth Ministry program promotes the theme of having “Hearts on Fire” for Jesus.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the symbol of His unconditional love for humanity.  Jesus wants to set our hearts on fire for love of Him and the Gospel.  In the Youth Program, we will develop the theme of setting our Hearts on Fire for Jesus and the Gospel.  With Hearts on Fire, The Youth Ministry program will be rooted in the tenets of faith, Catechesis, discipleship, and community


Seatte Archdiocese Catholic Youth Convention, 2014.

Liturgical Focus

The liturgy is the focal point of the Christian life.  It is the mission of Sacred Heart to form the lives of the youth around the liturgy. It is in hearing the Word and receiving the Sacraments that the Christian faithful receive the grace necessary to promote the faith in the world.  Therefore, it is in the liturgy that the youth will be able to deepen their faith and participate in the life of the Church. 

Catechetical Focus

The goal of catechesis is to educate the faithful in the tenets of the faith.  The Youth Program will focus on developing the intellectual life of the youth.  At Sacred Heart we use the YOUCAT as the primary catechetical resource.

Communal Focus

Catholicism is a communal religion.  An atmosphere of friendship and communion will be stressed in the Youth Program.  Jesus Christ, during His earthly ministry, built deep and meaningful friendships.  In turn, like Jesus, the Sacred Heart Youth program welcomes all youth while offering opportunities to form lifelong friendships.  The youth will have the opportunity to participate in game nights, movie nights, retreats, and local Youth Conventions. 

Spiritual Focus

Spirituality can be defined as a personal transformation through prayer. In the Youth Program, participants will learn how to pray while coming to a deeper understanding of different prayer methods promoted by the Church.

Social Justice Focus

Social Justice is an important aspect of what it means to be Catholic.  The youth will learn about current events in the Church and the world in relation to the principles of Social Justice.  The youth will be given the opportunity to grapple with current events in group settings.  Furthermore, service opportunities will be provided for the youth to serve the poor in the local community.

“Always be ready to give an explanation
to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.”

– 1 Peter 3:15



For questions or information about Youth Ministry, please contact our Youth Minister, Jeff Kress, at 425-454 9536 x111 or at jkress@sacredheart.org.