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The School Commission

The School Commission is a faith-based advisory body to the Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish and to the Principal of Sacred Heart School.  The Commission’s responsibilities include establishing the Mission, Vision, and Goals for the school.  The Commission also creates and implements the Strategic Plan to ensure proper planning for the future advancement and excellence of the school.

The Commission develops and evaluates school policies, means to finance the school (tuition structures, financial development and fund raising), and structures for marketing and communication for the school.


The School Commission is composed of the Parish Pastor, the School Principal, seven or more members (appointed by the Pastor and Principal), Parents’ Club President, Parents’ Club President-Elect, and a Recording Secretary. Appointed members are parents of Sacred Heart School students or members of Sacred Heart Parish.

School Commission Members:

  • Steve Sallis, Pastor
  • David Burroughs, Principal
  • Karen Reinke, Chair
  • Pauline Taylor-Kenny, Chair-Elect
  • Jon Herendeen, Finance
  • Heather Bradford, Health and Safety
  • Carlos Gonzalez, Technology
  • Evelyn Padrino-Santamarina, Communications and Marketing
  • Todd FitzGerald, Facilities
  • Mary Ciaramello, Parents’ Club President
  • Kris Mitchke, Parents’ Club President-Elect


The School Commission meets on the Second Wednesday of each month in the Parish Conference Room at 6:30 pm.  Meetings are open to members of the school community unless otherwise indicated.  Members of the school community who wish to have an item added to the agenda should contact the School Principal or School Commission Chair.

Please contact our School Commission Chair with any questions.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • 12/13/17
  • 01/10/18
  • 02/15/18
  • 03/14/18
  • 04/18/18
  • 05/09/18
  • 06/13/18

 Meeting Minutes