Lunch Orders

Posted on by is our lunch ordering system.   If you didn’t receive information on creating your account,  please contact Nancy Schoeggl.

If you have any questions with, please contact

Click here to order for the week or entire month.

  • The daily lunch cost is $5.15/day
  • Daily Options:
    • Caesar salad – $5.15,  Chicken Caesar Salad – $6.00,   House Made Salad – $5.15, Cobb Salad – $6.00, Chicken Southwest Salad – $6.00
    • Baked Potato Bar; sour cream, cheese, butter ,and crumbled bacon with entree sides – $5.15
    • BBQ Chicken Wrap with bag of chips $6.00
    • 8″ sub sandwiches with bag of chips.  Choice of Ham and Cheese or Turkey and Cheese; lettuce/tomato on request – $6.00
  • Gluten free, dairy free options available
  • Order deadline is Sunday 10AM.
  • Payment is due on Monday and can be made through
  • Checks should be written to DELectable BBQ and Catering or Venmo @DELectableBBQ