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Welcome to the Health Room! The Health Room provides support for students who become ill or injured at school. In addition, the Health Room staff ensures that all vaccinations and emergency plans are current.

The Health Room is open to students from 8:30-3:15 Monday through Friday. The Health Room is staffed by Ann Marie Thompson from 9:00-3:30 daily.  Health room volunteering is a great service job. Parents select a day and time to work every other week. The daily morning shifts are from 8:30-10am. Afternoon shifts are offered on Monday and Wednesdays from 1:45-3:15pm.

The Health Room is equipped with locking cabinets for medications, emergency supplies and a cot and chair which can be disinfected.

Policy for Student Medications at School:

  • SHS follows WA State code that all student medications must have a completed Authorization for Medication form signed by both the child’s physician and parent.
  • This policy applies to both prescription and all over the counter medications such as anti-histamines, cough drops Tylenol etc.
  • The completed Authorization for Medication form and medications must be turned into the health room where they will be kept and administered by staff only.
  • Washington State permits inhalers to be carried and self-administered by a student if on the Authorization for Medication form both the  physician and parent has given permission.

If you have any questions, please email Ann Marie Thompson.

Forms, Letters & Other Resources

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