Employer Matching Donations

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Sacred Heart School is truly fortunate to have so many of our families and alumni working for Microsoft, a company committed to acts of giving to organizations such as SHS. If you or your spouse is an employee of Microsoft, please consider supporting SHS in any of the following ways:

Employee Giving Campaign

The month of October marks Microsoft’s Employee Giving Campaign. Please consider designating your employee giving to SHS. Your gift can be automatically matched by Microsoft.

Matching Gifts

Employees may request that Microsoft match their donations, whether cash, credit card payment or stock gift, any time throughout the year. Microsoft’s matching program provides a simple way to double your gift.

Donations of Volunteer Time

Microsoft’s Volunteer Time Matching Gift program is available year-round. An employee’s volunteer time will be matched by Microsoft at a rate of $17 per hour.

As Microsoft employees, you have access to the Microsoft Employee Community Engagement Program Guidelines which provide specifics about all of the programs available to you and how you can support organizations you value.  All opportunities can be found on the internal Microsoft network at http://give.

Sacred Heart is listed under Sacred Heart School (Tax ID #91-0595583 and NCES School ID #01460996). If you have any questions, you can email ms@easymatch.com or call 800-480-4438. Or, contact Theresa Daigle at tdaigle@sacredheart.org or call at (425) 451-1773 x107.

Thank you again for your continued support of Sacred Heart School on all levels. You are invaluable to our community.