Summer Studies

REV. 06/23/13

This summer we will again be asking all of our students to participate in the Summer Skills program. The program is very helpful in keeping our students math and language arts skills sharp over the summer and helps to reduce the transition time back into learning in the fall. The booklets will be on sale in early June on a first come, first served basis. Students may complete a comparable program (e.g., Kumon, Huntington) in place of the Summer Skills. Proof of participation should be submitted on the first day of school in place of the completed workbooks.  Please e-mail Ms. Gray if you have any questions.

Summer Math

Option A:  Summer Math Skills Sharpener – Hard Copy Math Review booklet we have used in the past. 

  • Order at:
  • $20 includes shipping directly to your home
  • Order the grade level that your child is currently completing.  Those of you with students who are going into 8th, your students will be completing the Pre-Algebra Book.

Option B:  Math Whizz and Xtra Math

  • Students continue to access their accounts at home during the summer.
  • Need to log on at least 45 minutes a week for Math Whizz and 3 times a week for Xtra Math to see growth.
  • Progress is monitored and growth is tracked.  Teachers are able to use this data to prepare for September.
  • No Cost
  • Not an option for new incoming students

Option C:  Weekly Tutoring if preferred or already in place or another program to be approved by Mrs. Lawler

Summer Reading

Below are the summer reading requirements for students entering First – Eighth Grade.

Incoming 1st Grade (current Kindergarten)
Incoming 2nd Grade (current 1st Graders)
Incoming 3rd Grade (current 2nd Graders)
Challenge Book Report for Incoming 2nd and 3rd Graders
  • After completing their required Summer Reading assignment, interested students can read a fiction book of their choice and complete a “Cereal Box Book Report” and turn it in to Ms. Gray by Monday, Sept. 9, 2013.
  • Incoming 2nd & 3rd Gr. Challenge Book Report
Incoming 4th Grader (current 3rd Graders)
  • Read either Volcano Disaster, which takes place at our own Mount Saint Helens, Escaping the Giant Wave, which takes place on the Oregon Coast or Earthquake Terror, which takes place in California by Washington author Peg Kehret. After reading, complete the reading response questions and one literature project on the book you read.
  • Incoming 4th Grade Summer Packet
Incoming 5th Graders (current 4th Graders)
Incoming 6th Graders (current 5th Graders)
Incoming 7th Graders (current 6th Graders)
Incoming 8th Graders (current 7th Graders)

Summer Spanish

Students who took Spanish from Ms. Jones during the 2012 – 2013 school year (current 6th and 7th graders) will need to complete a Summer Spanish “Packet”. The assignment consists of completing 2 “Puzzles” on the  Realidades website for each chapter completed during this school year. Students can access the assignment by clicking on the “Puzzle” link and then choose 2 of the puzzles for each chapter.

  • Current 6th  graders: Complete 2 puzzles from each Chapters PE – 3B (total of 14 puzzles).
  • Current 7th graders: Complete 2 puzzles from each Chapters 4A – 6B (total of 12 puzzles).

Printed results sheets from each puzzle will be due the first Spanish class in the fall.    Students should also review the following study guides:

Current 5th graders (Incoming 6th Graders):

Current 5th graders complete all activities in the summer workbook provided to you by Mrs. Ennis.  The workbook will be due the first Spanish class this fall.