The Curriculum

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The curriculum is the critical component of a school program. It must be flexible enough to serve the needs of all students. It must promote growth along both horizontal and vertical lines. It must be current, encompassing critical issues. It must build process skills and higher order thinking skills. It must reflect current research on learning. It must allow the learner to build new learning upon past learning in a continuing fashion. It should allow concepts and skills to be developed in a wide spectrum of areas. It must promote the continuous learning of students of widely varying interests and abilities.

It is our goal to design and implement a curriculum that:

  • Allows students a continuous progression of learning
  • Has subject areas integrated into thematic units
  • Uses children’s literature as its language focus
  • Offers a multitude of resources and choices for students
  • Emphasizes all communication skills
  • Includes self-pacing programs for continuous and individual progress
  • Accommodates the varying learning styles and intelligence of the students
  • Emphasizes higher order thinking
  • Focuses on concepts and processes rather than isolated facts
  • Provides enrichment and opportunities for accelerated learning
  • Will give students the chance to create their own learning opportunities
  • Expands basic curriculum areas to integrate technology