Pick-up Time Safety

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, students are not allowed to play in the parking lot area in the upper or lower parking lot (e.g., basketball, tag, four square, football) before 3:30 pm or when the cars have all left the lot. Between 3:15 and 3:30 the ONLY area in which children may play is the upper lot big toy while being supervised by a parent. At 3:30 the upper lot big toy needs to be cleared for use by children in the ESS program.

When bringing dogs to school at pick-up time, they must be on a leash and under the control of an adult at all times for the safety of our students, staff, and parents, as well as the safety of the dogs. Dogs that become aggressive toward people or other dogs must be removed to a car or taken off of the school property immediately.

Thank you for your assistance in making our school safe for all.