No School – Feb 13th, 2019

Dear Parents, Staff, and Students,

School is closed tomorrow (Wednesday). I am still hopeful that we will be open on Thursday and Friday to give everyone a Valentine’s Day treat. 

I traveled to the school today to survey it in person. The entire campus is covered with snow, ice, and slush. We have a plow scheduled to come tonight to plow the snow, but ice will remain a problem. Some websites are still predicting the possibility of some snow tomorrow morning in the local area. 

No additional homework will be assigned by teachers. Encourage your children to work on what they have, but we understand that these are unusual times. Some of our families have no power.  Everyone – teachers, parents, students – are all doing their best in difficult circumstances. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

No tests will be given on the day that we return to school, whenever that happens. All students will have at least a day of classes to review and questions before a test.. 

If we are able to have school on Thursday, all class parties may include candy or other sweet treats. We need a little celebrating.

There will be no assembly on Friday (if we have school). We will use that time for instruction instead. 


David Burroughs