No School – Feb 11th, 2019

Dear Parents, Staff, and Students,

Our maintenance crew has been at the school and parish today shoveling and applying deicer. The parking lots, despite being plowed, are in bad shape. Their work today is primarily intended to make opening this week easier when there is a break in the weather. 

Based upon the current conditions at the school and parish and the predicted snowfall which will start this afternoon, continue through the night, and then start again late morning tomorrow, I am closing school for tomorrow. We are still looking ahead to the rest of the week at this point. The forecast seems to be improving a bit. I am hopeful that we will be able to have at least three days of classes next week.

I am sure that some of you have concerns about our snow days. So, I want to share our planning with you all at this point.

  • We will not be cancelling or shortening Mid-Winter Break. We are too close and too many people have made their plans to even consider this. 
  • We do not have any plans currently to add extra days to the end of the school year for any grades.
  • At this point we still have enough instructional hours to meet the requirements of the state. We build in more hours than the minimum. It helps us in these situations. More importantly, though, it gives our teachers the time that they need to provide an excellent education for all of our students.
  • If we need to add back time into the schedule, we have begun looking at changes along the lines of increasing Grandparents’ Day to a full day and taking back the accreditation in-service day we had planned for May. We will only remove days from the calendar as a last resort. We are not at the point where we need to do this yet.
  • However, many subjects require enough time to teach and it is necessary to make sufficient progress each year in order to be ready for the next school year. In addition, some projects already scheduled for our students will suffer if we simply do not work on our snow days. So, our teachers have made plans for their students that will be shared via OneNote with information sent through email about how to access it. We are limiting this work to the most critical. Not all subjects will have work. Some grades will have more than others.

Our amazing hot lunch program is doing its best to adjust to our changing school schedule. However, if you have been to the supermarket lately, you know that many kinds of food are in short supply locally. Please be aware that they may have to alter the hot lunch menu this week depending on the availability of items. They are very much aware of student’s dietary needs and restrictions and will keep that in mind when making any substitutions.  

Thank you all for your ongoing patience and cooperation as we navigate this challenging time together. We will make a decision about Tuesday as soon as possible. 


David Burroughs