Uniform Notices

This year we will continue to use the uniform notices we began using last school year as a simple and consistent way to communicate with parents when a student is out of uniform. If your student brings a notice home, please make sure it is signed and returned to the front desk within two school days so that your student doesn’t lose a recess (all notices must be signed and returned, even if the staff member forgot to check the box at the bottom indicating a signature is required). So long as they are returned on time, the first two notices serve only as friendly reminders. Students will not serve consequences for uniform violations until they receive their third notice. The uniform policy is linked here for your reference; please make sure you are familiar with it. Since the most common violations are for socks, please remember that your student should be wearing solid white, navy blue, black, or dark green socks free of logos. Middle school students may wear colored socks except for on mass/assembly days. Adhering to a uniform policy teaches our students discipline, maintains a cohesive look among our student body, and minimizes classroom distractions.

Thank you for your cooperation.