Morning Drop Off

The safety of our students, parents, and staff is a priority for us all at Sacred Heart School. We also want to be good neighbors. When everyone follows the rules for morning drop-off, we can accomplish both of these things.

Please make sure that you are either dropping off your child in one of the designated drop-off lines or you are parking your car and walking your child to the school (in the upper lot) or letting your child walk to the lower doors (in the lower lot).

Upper Lot: Do not drop off your child in any spots other than the drop-off line and park only in designated spaces.  Do not drop off or park in the fire circle near the church or along the sidewalk in front of the school. When you drop off or park in other places it creates problems with the flow of traffic in the morning, backs up cars onto the street, and can create unsafe situations as cars try to navigate around each other. If you park your car, please walk your child to the front doors so that they are not crossing through traffic alone.

Lower Lot: Do not park on the east side of the parking lot (near the big toy) as students then have to cross the drop-off lane to get to school. Park only in the spaces on the west side of the parking lot near the stairs to the church and school.

Thank you for your support in keeping our school safe.

Mr. Burroughs