It’s not too late to donate to the SHS Annual Fund this year!

What is the Sacred Heart School Annual Fund?

The Sacred Heart School Annual Fund is a yearly request for contributions to help pay for the current operating needs of the school.

Why should I support the SHS Annual Fund?

Fundraising is essential in meeting the operational needs of our school. Tuition is used to cover teacher and staff salary, while fundraising revenue, and the SHS Annual Fund specifically, help support our school’s daily operations, programs, classroom supplies, maintenance and various other needs that affect our students. 100% of your donations to the SHS Annual Fund go directly to the school. Your gifts are also tax-deductible and available for corporate match programs.

How can I help?

Our current Annual Fund goal is $225,000. We rely on donors to partner with us to provide the very best education possible in an environment of faith and virtue for our students. We ask you to consider giving at a level that works for your family and helps to move us toward our goal. All paid donations must be made by June 30th, 2018 for the current school year.

Sacred Heart School Annual Fund donations can be made on line at:    

Katy Gregg, Annual Fund Coordinator, welcomes your questions via email or phone at (425) 451-1773 ext. 1605