Auction Fund-a-Need Update

Dear Sacred Heart School Parents and Staff,

Last week I announced in the From the Heart that a covered play area would be our Fund-a-Need for the auction this year. Since that time information has come to me that made it clear that I needed to re-order our priorities. Our Fund-a-Need for this year’s auction will be the 4th-8th grade wing bathrooms.

The core of our school campus is over 60 years old. We have been systematically working through a plan to update and upgrade our facilities in order to continue to provide the best possible education and faith formation for all of our students in a facility that provides for the safety, health, and comfort of our students, staff, and parents. During my time here as principal we have installed a new heating and ventilation system; added the administrative wing, pre-k classroom, and art and science rooms; refurbished the Moore Theater, the gym, and the kitchen; replaced the flooring in all of the classrooms; added ActiveBoards to all of our classrooms; and updated our students and staff technology, among many other things. All of this has been possible through the generous support of our parents, staff, and parish community.

The last remaining parts of the campus that have not been updated in any way over the years are our 4th-8th grade and primary restrooms. It is time to turn our attention to them. When we achieve our goal of $200,000, we will be able to remodel and refurbish the bathrooms in the 4th-8th grade wing of the school campus. In addition, we will be adding two new single, unisex bathrooms that can be used by staff, visiting adults, or students who may need a little more privacy. Each of the single bathrooms will have its own sink, toilet, and a locking door. In addition, a water bottle filling station will be added so that students can easily fill their water bottles and stay hydrated. The new bathrooms will be more energy and water efficient and require less time by our maintenance staff to keep clean. Currently, our staff who work on the 4th-8th grade hall need to travel all the way to the administrative area to use the bathroom, which is very difficult in a five-minute passing period. The new bathrooms will provide adult restrooms on the east end of our campus, allowing our staff to be more comfortable and efficient.

In gratitude for your continuing support,

David Burroughs

Bathroom Remodel Plans

Why are the bathrooms important? Updated bathrooms provide a comfortable, clean, and safe place for students, staff, and parents to take care of their needs throughout the day. During the school year, our students and staff spend a great deal of their waking hours at school. We want them to have restroom facilities that meet their needs. They aren’t as exciting as new technology or a new gym, but we all need them every day.

Why start with the bathrooms on the 4th-8th grade wing of the school? Remodeling these bathrooms first will also allow us to meet the needs of our staff and adults who work in, volunteer in, and visit that part of the campus.

My child is in a primary grade, why should I support the Fund-a-Need? Our school is one community of students, parents, and staff from pre-k through 8th grade, not separate communities within one building. It’s one of our best features. An improvement to our facilities ultimately helps all of our students, staff, and parents because everyone benefits from staff who can be more efficient with their time, students who enjoy greater comfort and privacy, and facilities that are fresh and modern. Even if your child doesn’t use the 4th-8th grade bathrooms now, he or she will be using them before you know it. Finally, we all benefit from more than 60 years of parents, staff, and students who have preceded us. They built and cared for this school from which we all benefit today without counting the cost. Their gift then is still benefitting us today. As members of a community it is the right thing for us to do our part for all of our students today and for many years to come.

Why not remodel the bathrooms after building the covered play area?  The covered play area remains an important part of the school’s master plan. With a price tag of more than $530,000 it was going to require at least two years of Fund-a-Needs. Sacred Heart Parish is also gearing up for a very important capital campaign in the fall of this year. So, it makes sense to rearrange the order of these projects by moving up the bathrooms and working on the covered play area at a time that makes more financial sense.