Message From the Health Room – Cold & Flu Season is Here!

With the change in weather, we see an increase in colds, viruses and the flu. Attached is important information on the flu season: symptoms, how the flu spreads and how it can be prevented.

In the hopes of keeping our students and staff healthy, we ask that you keep your students home whenever they have a fever and until they have fully recovered from the flu or illness.  The prevention tips for flu also apply to how to prevent the getting sick with colds and viruses.

Our goal is to keep students and staff at Sacred Heart School healthy so I am sharing the following information:

Illness policy for when to have students stay home from school– please note information on the following:

  • Fever– temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Remember that a child must be fever- free for full 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication such as: Tylenol; Ibuprofen; or other NSAID before returning to school.
  • Infection requiring antibiotics: Sinus Infections; Upper Respiratory Infections; Bronchitis; Strep Throat, Conjunctivitis:    May return to school after a full 24 hours on antibiotics and Fever- Free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication.
  • If your child comes down with a fever of 100? or higher, has diarrhea or begins vomiting while at school, you will be contacted to pick your child up.  Please keep all emergency contact information updated.

Policy for having Medications available for students at school: 

  • WA State treats prescription and over the counter medications exactly the same.  All medications must be authorized by both a physician and parent.
  • Parents must complete the attached Authorization for Medication form and submit the form and provide all medications to the health room.

With colds, flu and other illnesses, it is so important to emphasis to cover your nose & mouth when sneezing and coughing and regularly be thoroughly washing hands.  Our goal is to keep everyone healthy!  – Ann Marie Thompson