Safe Environment Class & Update

Safe Environment Class

If you have not yet taken a ‘Protecting God’s Children’ class (formerly ‘Called to Protect’) we encourage you to attend the upcoming class in the Parish Hall at 6:00pm on Tuesday, November, 14th. You can register for this class or view other times and locations at This class is a requirement of the Safe Environment Program for all Sacred Heart volunteers. Please note that class content includes discussion of sexual abuse. Contact Amy Davis if you have any questions.

Safe Environment Update

Background checks and online renewals are both due every three years. The current method of assigning these requirements is to sync them together so that your online refresher course is required at the same time your background check expires. This will change starting next week: Going forward, online refresher courses will be assigned three years following your last class (be it your in-person ‘Protecting God’s Children’ class or your most recent online refresher). If you receive an email from Virtus notifying you that you are due for a new background check or online refresher, please fulfill these requirements in a timely fashion. Any questions regarding Virtus or the Safe Environment Program may be directed to Amy Davis.