Primary Students Morning Drop-off

There have been some questions regarding dropping off primary students at the school doors in the morning. We ask all parents to drop off their children at the school doors in the morning (as opposed to the classroom door). We have this policy in order to help our teachers to be able to start the morning with their attention focused on their students and to teach our students how to get their day started independently. However, there are some exceptions to this rule for the following situations. If one of these situations applies to you, please just let the staff person at the door know.

  • Your child is in Pre-K
  • Your child has an injury and requires assistance to get to class
  • Your child has a large project and needs assistance to carry it to class
  • You have confidential paperwork, records, etc. that need to be delivered directly to the teacher
  • You need to briefly update a teacher about a serious medical or personal issue (this can also be accomplished via email)
  • You and a teacher have a scheduled meeting at that time – this should be very rare
  • You are scheduled to help in the classroom or with a field trip that morning

Thank you for your assistance and support. – Mr. Burroughs