Lent Begins 3/1/2017

Dear Sacred Heart School Families,

The Season of Lent begins tomorrow for the Roman Catholic Church with Ash Wednesday. The school will attend Mass at 9:00 and staff and students will have the opportunity to receive ashes. Everyone, Catholic or not, is invited to receive ashes as a sign of penance and the desire to improve one’s life during this time of Lent. Parents are encouraged to attend Mass with the school. If you are not able to do so, Mass will also be offered at 7 pm and there will be a Liturgy of the Word and Distribution of Ashes (no communion) at 6:30 am and 12:15 pm.

Lent is a time of spiritual strengthening in preparation for celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord. During this time we engage in additional prayer, fasting, and service to those in need. It is an ideal time as a family to remember to pray together each day and to participate together in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. While fasting from food and abstinence from meat are only required of those 14 and above (see the Lenten guide for more information), we encourage all of our students to observe Ash Wednesday and the Fridays of Lent by giving up meat (abstinence) and giving up something during Lent (fasting).

“Almsgiving” is an important part of Lent. We encourage all of our students to do extra for those in need during this season.  This might include giving money to support a food bank, praying for friends who are struggling, visiting an elderly neighbor, or inviting a shy classmate over for a playdate.

Along with doing things to help others, we also encourage our students to give up something for Lent. This is a very important spiritual practice especially for our community. We are blessed with so much. Giving up some good thing during Lent (we should give up things that are bad for us permanently) helps to strengthen us spiritually and enables us to exercise better self-control. It helps us to be grateful for our blessings and to understand that none of these good things that we have define us or are so important that we cannot give them up.

Sacred Heart Parish has several opportunities planned during Lent to help you and your family grow in faith, starting with a day-long retreat this Saturday. Please read the Lenten guide for more information on the retreat, the Fish Fry, opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and more.


David Burroughs