Sacred Heart School Green Team

Under the guidance of our Student Council, Sacred Heart has been accepted into the King County Green School Program, a program that helps public and private schools in King County become more environmentally friendly.

This program consists of 3 levels; each level comprising of different projects a school must fulfill in order to complete the level.  The First Level focuses on Waste Management, Recycling and Hazardous Materials Management (this is required of any elementary school with a ceramic arts program).  In this first level (which can take up to a year to complete), we will assess what we are currently doing and introduce members of our community to the new Waste Management and Recycling policies and procedures.  We will also spend time focusing on specific topics such as, Reducing Paper Use, Reusing Durable Products and different ways we can Recycle.  We also ask that as your children come home and share what they have learned about the importance of caring for God’s creation at school, that you carry on these practices at home, to the best of your ability.  We promise to keep you up to date on our program on our progress.  Thank you in advance for your support.