Tech Week

It is finally here!  The week we have been waiting for!  Below is a wealth of information.  Please take it all in. Tthis is going to be a great week for your actors!

Tech week expectations:
    • Tech week rehearsals (and all four performances) are mandatory – It is crunch time, so we need all actors, Jr Players and tech crew at every tech week rehearsal and every performance.  Any absences, partial or full, could result in the actors removal from a scene, song or dance, at Ms. Boyd’s discretion.
    • Food/snacks – During tech week, families are encouraged to pack snacks to help keep their student energized. The junior players are encouraged to bring something to eat at 3:15 before they get into costume; on Wednesday, students have more time for a longer snack.  Only snacks that are mostly dry (e.g. goldfish crackers, pretzels) and leave no residue (e.g. apple slices, carrot sticks, grapes) are allowed while in costume.  Only clear (unflavored) water is allowed in the Moore.  Please consider snacks that will give your student energy,  No snacks will be provided by Playmakers during tech. Please help us keep our borrowed costumes clean and undamaged by following these guidelines.  Families will be billed for stained costume repair, cleaning or replacement.
Schedule for Tech Week – Main Cast and Tech Crew:
Schedule for Tech Week – Jr. Players, begins on Monday (5/14). 
    • Shrek Tech Schedule for Junior Players
      • 5/14 Monday  3:15 – 6:00
      • 5/15 Tuesday 3:15 – 6:00
      • 5/16 Wednesday – Dress Rehearsal 3:15 – 7:00
      • 5/17 Thursday- junior players not called to rehearsal
      • Jr Players do not participate in Strike (Tear Down) on 5/22


Costumes are one of the most exciting things about being in a play and our costumer is sure to make everyone look great!

o While most costume pieces will be provided, both Main Cast and Junior Players are asked to provide appropriate undergarments and shoes. Unless specifically requested otherwise, black dress shoes are most appropriate with our costumes for main cast.  Junior Players please wear tie-up tennis shoes.  Actors might also be asked to provide other simple layering pieces if they are already owned by the student – please do not buy anything specifically for the show!

o Tech Crew will be wearing their specially designed t-shirts for performances and are asked to provide their own black pants, black socks and PE-appropriate shoes (preferably dark).

o All costume pieces must be returned to Playmakers on the day of the last performance.

Performance Call schedule Main Cast, Junior Players, and Tech Crew:
Please Note:  After the Saturday matinee, all actors, Jr players and tech crew will be signed out from Playmakers.  They will then return at the evening performance call time. 

For your convenience, please review these freindly reminders for the exciting weekend ahead:

  • “Shrek’s Swamp” will be open in the parking lot outside the gym starting at call time for parents to mingle and tailgate before the show and at intermission.  Donations welcome.
  • Theater doors open 30 minutes prior to performances.  Two lines for tickets will be available, pre-purchased/on-line and at-the-door orders.
  • Merchandise tables will be located inside and outside to secure your actor gifts.
If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.  Looking forward to a great show!