SUtBT Cast Ticket Sales

Hi Playmaker Families,

All are called this week!

Here are few friendly reminders/updates:

  • Tickets go on sale today for our actors families today!  Please purchase your cast tickets here.  Then tickets will go on sale publicly in Thursday’s “From the Heart”.
  • Next Tuesday, the 24th, is our off-book date.  This means all actors need to have their lines memorized by this rehearsal.   Please help your actors keep up the good work!
  • Please send along a silent activity (book, homework, etc) for your child to work on in case they finish their scenes efficiently during rehearsal.   Fellow actors and the direction staff would appreciate this consideration in order to fine tune performances so they are at their best for friends and family!


October 24th – Off-book date
October 30th – Tech Week
November 1st – Dress Rehearsal
November 2nd and 3rd – Performances
Thank you!
On behalf of Playmakers