Cast list!


Natalia Asali-Ramos        The Duke of Definition

Taylor Bennitt                    Humbug

Codie Clise                          Merchant 2 / Dodecahedron 6

Alana Collins                       Tock

Claire Daylo                        The Spelling Bee

Michaela Dillon                 The Senses Taker

Annie Duncan                    Lethargian 6 / The Demon of Insincerity

Maddy England                 Doctor Dischord

Reese Eyler                         The Whether Man

Gabriella Farinas               Lethargian 3 / Dodecahedron 2

Keira Fernando                 Merchant 1 / Dodecahedron 5

Rachel Glass                       Lethargian 5 / The Everpresent Wordsnatcher

Emma Gonzalez                 The Count of Connotation

Mia Herendeen                Princess Rhyme

Ellery Jones                        The Earl of Essence

Lindsey Kim                        Lethargian 4 / Dodecahedron 4

Jaimie Kim                           Milo

Belle King                            The Terrible Trivium

Dylan McCabe                   Merchant 3 / The Awful Dynne

Emma Plenge                    Azaz

Jack Przelenski                  The Minister of Meaning

Samantha Reilly                Lethargian 1 / Dodecahedron 1

Elizabeth Roane                Lethargian 3 / Dodecahedron 3

Katie Schultz                      The Undersecretary of Understanding

Rebecca Waller                 Princess Reason

Carly White                         The Mathemagician