Cast and Crew Party!


All Playmakers are invited to a celebration immediately following Sunday’s performance of High School Musical.


Who: All cast and crew members

Where: Middle School Hallway

When: Sunday, 5/1, immediately following the performance

What: Pizza and cupcakes will be served while Playmakers visit with friends and celebrate.


Parent Notes

  • Due to space and numbers (we have 100 Playmakers!), siblings and family members that are not helping with the party are asked to wait for their Playmaker in the gym or outside.
  • Helping hands – We would LOVE additional help executing the party. If you are interested in helping, please contact Beth Collins or Shannon Messenger. Feel free also to just pitch in with passing out pizza, cleaning up spills, and general crowd management.
  • The party is usually pretty quick. The kids are tired and ready to go as soon as they eat. I would plan on the “party” lasting about 30 minutes after the last curtain call.


Questions? Please contact Beth Collins at or Shannon Messenger at