Cast List Posted!

Hi, Playmakers!

What an awesome week of auditions! Mr Carruthers, Mr Linnes, Mr Lang and I were *so* impressed at the level of preparation and enthusiasm we saw in your work! It was so obvious how much thought you put into your auditions and I could have cast many of these roles four or five times with the wealth of talent that we saw. You should feel really great about the work you did!

Try something for me: take a breath, step away from your computer and do something that has nothing to do with the musical. This is a great way of remembering that your work with Playmakers is just one tiny piece of who you are and what you do. Your role is not a value judgment on you, how much I do or don’t like you (because I like all of you), or how “good” you are. It is your jumping-off point, the place where your talents and skills are most needed to serve the show and this particular cast. Remember me talk about how casting is a puzzle? This is the place I need your piece this year.

I hope High School Musical will be a great experience for you. I hope you learn something new about yourself and what you’re capable of doing. That work starts with you showing up and continuing to build on what you did this week. Doing the work is what makes us more confident performers, not simply having your body in the room during rehearsals. Be present, be generous with your skills and strengths, and learn from what others are offering. If you want to discuss your audition and ideas for how you can continue to grow as an actor, please come talk to me – I promise I’m not (too) scary… đŸ™‚

Mr Carruthers and I will see you all Tuesday for our first rehearsal and our mandatory parent meeting. Please come prepared with a folder or binder for your script, a pencil and a highlighter.


Ms Boyd

High School Musical cast list  (scroll to past the second page)  schedule will be posted Monday