Sunday 5PM Mass Update

Sunday 5:00 PM Mass

When we were having our parish gatherings for Hearts on Fire, our parish youth in Middle School and High School were a frequent topic of conversation. Our final goal for our youth was: “Sacred Heart will create a vibrant youth (Middle School and High School) faith community. As we looked at ways to achieve this goal, one of our objectives became “celebrate a youth-led Mass.”  Over the past 10 months, we have put a lot of energy and staff time into helping our youth create a vibrant community by celebrating a Sunday 5:00 PM Mass led by youth.

One parishioner told me that she knew that within a few months, we would have 300 or more people at the Sunday 5:00 PM Mass with many youth and their families in attendance. Our results have not been as much as we had expected. Our average attendance at this Mass since January has been closer to 120 people with an average of only 6-10 youth per Mass and only a handful of youth families present to support their youth.

After consultation with the Pastoral Council, the Parish Staff including Jeff Kress our Pastoral Assistant for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, the Worship Commission and several parishioners, we have reached the decision to end this Mass on November 20. However, we are still focused on the goal of creating a vibrant youth faith community at Sacred Heart. We want our parish youth to be actively engaged in the Mass and other parish activities.

Some of the ideas that are being considered to enhance this goal include:

  • Jeff spending more ministry time with Sacred Heart Middle School students and with Sacred Heart youth at our Catholic middle schools and high schools;
  • Encouraging our parish youth to participate actively in the other three Masses in our parish;
  • Talking to parents of our parish youth to see how we can assist them in seeing participation in Sunday Mass as a viable way to increase a vibrant youth community;
  • Helping our Middle School parishioners transition into High School youth ministry; and,
  • Inviting our parish youth to offer their further input into how they could become a vibrant faith community at Sacred Heart.

I want to thank everyone who has put in the time and energy during this past year to assist our youth at the Sunday 5:00 PM Mass, and I hope you will continue to support our youth in other ways in the future. Please pray for the success of achieving this goal of a vibrant faith community for our parish youth.

In the peace of Christ,

Father Steve