Prayer for the Journey

I give you praise, God of my journey,

For the power of love, the discovery of friends, the truth of beauty,

For the wonder of growth, the kindling of fidelity, the taste of transformation.

For the miracle of life, the seed of my soul, the gift of becoming,

For the taste of the little dyings which have strengthen me.

For the mystery of the journey, the bends in the road, the pauses that refresh,

For the faith that lies deep enough to permeate discouragement and anxiety.

I give you thanks, God of my journey,

For all I have learned from the life of Jesus of how to be a friend,

For those who have always stood near me and given spiritual energy.

For your strength on which I can lean, your grace by which I can grow,

For the desire to continue on, for believing that your power works through me.

For being able to love so deeply, so tenderly, so truly,

For feeling my poorness, my emptiness, my powerlessness.

For believing that you will care for me in my vulnerability,

For trusting that you will always light my path.

I ask forgiveness, God of my journey,

For holding on too tightly

For refusing to be open to new life.

For fighting off the dying that is essential for growth,

For insisting that I must be secure and serene.

For ignoring your voice when you urged me to let go,

For taking in all the goodness but being reluctant to share it.

For doubting my inner beauty,

For resisting the truth of my journey home to you.

I beg assistance, God of my journey,

To accept that all of life is only on loan to me,

To believe beyond the moment.

To accept your courage when mine fails,

To recognize the pilgrim part of my heart.