Parents – Baptism Letter

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Dear Parents,

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family, a true gift from God. We rejoice with you in deciding to present your child for Baptism into our community.

Because Baptism is the first sacrament that initiates us into the Church,
we believe that spending quality time reflecting on your own faith experience,
your relationship with God, and how this child will share that experience, is a
valuable investment for your whole family. This is the reason for our Baptism Preparation Session. Since you have decided to have your child baptized, you are taking on a responsibility to share your faith with your baby, just as you share every other aspect of your lives. You need to be strongly committed to practicing your faith, growing in the knowledge of your faith, and deepening your own prayer life and that of your family. Without such a commitment, the Baptism of your child will be simply a special day with a party, rather than the beginning of a life-long journey of faith.

The Church universal and Sacred Heart Parish welcomes your child into our midst with love and prayers for the peace and happiness of your family in the years ahead.

As you prepare to celebrate this important day, I encourage you to take some time as parents to reflect with God in prayer about your hopes and dreams for your child and thank God for the wonderful gift you have received in this precious life.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to supporting you in raising up a strong and joyful follower of Jesus.

Deacon Scott Pickett, Pastoral Associate

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