Sacramental Prep for Children

At about age 7, children can begin to prepare to receive communion, the body and blood of Christ, for the first time.  In conjunction with the new Archdiocesan guidelines, preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion is a two- year process which includes preparation for First Reconciliation (Confession) starting in September and culminates in May.  Preparation for First Reconcilation and First Communion starts in 1st grade.  If you are not attending a catholic school you need to be enrolled in the Sacred Heart Religious Education Program on Sunday from 10:05am to 10:55am for your child’s first grade year starting in September.  Please call the office to enroll.

Sacramental preparation for both  of the Sacraments of Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation are parish and parent-based.  All children in 2nd grade start preparing for First Reconciliation  the end of September.  Please check the website and bulletin and call the office to sign your child up.

RCIA adapted for children:

Children of catechetical age (7 or older) whose parents are seeking for them either baptism or entrance into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church from another Christian tradition need to contact the the parish office at 425-454-9536.