Hearts on Fire Update

Our parish lives out nine values that form the basis for our Hearts on Fire pastoral plan (click here for the brochure). These values are Discernment, Invitation, Sacraments, Compassion, Involvement, Peace, Liturgy, Evangelization and Stewardship. You can use the reflection sheet for a different value each month. Take some time to share these reflections with your family, or a parish group that you belong to, or simply do the reflection on your own. Please continue to keep our parish in your prayers as we move forward with Hearts on Fire.

September 2016 reflection – Discernment
October 2016 reflection – Invitation
November 2016 reflection – Sacraments
December 2016 reflection – Compassion
January 2017 reflection – Involvement
February 2017 reflection – Peace
March 2017 reflection – Liturgy
April 2017 reflection – Evangelization
May 2017 reflection – Stewardship