Hearts on Fire

As many of you are aware the parish has been working on a 5-year plan with help from John Reid of the Reid Group. The Sacred Heart Parish Futuring Committee has been working with John to present a series of gatherings to involve parishioners in the planning process. We’ve already had two parish “gatherings” and this year’s Lenten Mission focused on the spiritual lessons needed to facilitate the planning process.
Now it’s time to get your feedback on the drafts of the proposal that have been created from the input of parishioners and the Futuring Committee in the last couple of months. Please follow the link below to provide your feedback on the components of the draft plan (Mission, Values, Vision, Goals and Objectives). Be sure to click on the “Submit” button when you are finished to complete the survey. You have until March 24th to give us your opinions.
Thank you for participating in the future of our parish!

Hearts on Fire Parish Plan Draft Survey