Flexible Fundraising Program

Flexible Fundraising Program 2016/2017

What is Flexible Fundraising?  Flexible fundraising is a fundraising choice program comprised of three categories:

For each purchase through the SHS Marketplace, Jog-a-thon pledge/donation, and Scrip purchase, a percentage of your dollars will go back to Sacred Heart School.  Each school family is required to procure a minimum of $225 to the school through this program.

Flexible Fundraising gives families more options to support our school. Families can choose to participate in one or a combination of the three offered fundraisers, and SHS will credit those contributions to your family’s fundraising totals.

How will my fundraising contributions be tracked?  SHS will track the data from the various fundraisers and send a statement to each family 2x /per school year to track spending as needed.

Opt out  An alternative to the Flexible fundraising program is to opt out.  For families who do not wish to fundraise through the Flexible Fundraising program, they may opt out by paying a $450 opt out fee.  This fee can be paid at the time of registration or at the end of the school year.