Christmas Scrip for Teachers and Staff


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Many families like to give a gift of thanks to their child’s teachers for Christmas.  By giving a gift of SCRIP, you can easily take care of this item on your shopping list.

Simply print and return this form .  Return it to the school office with your check by Monday December 10 at 3:15.   Parents’ Club will take care of the rest!  The teachers will be given a grand total to spend on gift cards of their choice and a list of families who contributed.

Please contact with any questions.

School Supplies


Order your school supplies now and forget about it!

Order the school supply kit specifically requested by your child’s teachers.

On the first day of school, a supply kit will be sitting on your child’s desk, ready to use and all you had to do was visit one website.

Order by June 30.  

Email with questions.


Service Job Sign-Up

Service Jobs are an integral part of the Sacred Heart Community. By volunteering you enrich the academic and student environment for our students.  We count on these jobs for the success of our school.   A complete listing of jobs is on the SHS website.  All Service Job Sign-Ups will be online Continue Reading →

End of the Year Teacher Gifts


                                                                  Teacher End of the Year Scrip Orders
                                                        The school year will soon be coming to an end and many of you would like to thank your child’s teacher with a gift.  An easy way to do this is by purchasing scrip.  If you would like to give a teacher or staff member a gift of scrip, please complete this form and turn it in no later than May 31 at 3:15.  Scrip will be delivered to teachers and staff before school ends for summer vacation.  Please email Katie Nelson with any questions.