Teacher SCRIP for Christmas

Many families like to give a gift of thanks to their child’s teachers at Christmas.

By giving a gift of SCRIP, you can easily take care of this item on your shopping list.

Simply print and fill out this form.

Return it to the school office with your check by Friday, December 1 at 3:15 pm.  Parents’ Club will take care of the rest!  Each teacher will be given a grand total and a list of families who contributed.  The teacher gets to pick how to spend this Christmas cash!

And don’t forget to check off more of your holiday shopping list while raising money for Sacred Heart!  Buy SCRIP gift cards as gifts or to purchase your groceries and presents at the stores you shop the most.  Deadline for purchasing is 3:15 p.m. Monday Dec. 11 to receive your order by the last day before break, Friday, Dec. 15. Visit the school’s SCRIP page for more information about purchasing SCRIP online and in-person.

Please contact Mary Ciaramello with any questions.