Frequently Asked Questions – Magazine Sale

1. Does my student get credit towards prizes from purchases/sales from Charleston Wrap or Mixed Bag websites?

Great American is facilitating our magazine drive and providing the prizes base on the sales through only.

2. Can I group all of our sales under one family’s student to get the most prizes instead of spreading across siblings?

Yes, this is a great way to accumulate the most prizes and they can be then be distributed among the family. All you have to do is select one student in your family every time you log on and an item is purchased.

3. How do I take orders for multiple students in my family?

Every time you log in to place an item order on Great American you are required to populate the field with a student’s name. So for each item you choose, you can log in and select a different student’s name each time.

4. When are the turn in dates?

Unlike magazine sales in the past that had form turn-in dates, this year’s magazine drive is all online and it continues through September 23rd which is the final date to accumulate prizes.

5. How are prizes awarded?

Prizes will be awarded based on the total number of items that each student has ordered by September 23.

6. Can I order and renew magazines and gifts from after September 23?

Yes, you can order from the site year-round and, as always, up to 40% of sales will be applied to your flexible fundraising. No prizes will be awarded based on the number of items you sell outside of the current promotional period.

7. What are the prizes?

Sell 5 items Yogurtland gift card

Sell 7 items Free MOD pizza

Sell 10 items Tour of Safeco Field
The more you sell, the more tickets you get.

8. Are the prizes cumulative?

Yes!  If you sell 10 items, you receive a all three prizes.